Which Kendama USA Pro Mod should I get?

by Ben on July 20, 2016

Which Kendama USA Pro Model should I get?

Kendama USA currently offers 7 pro mods, or 8 if you count the Wyatt Bray model. So this begs the question that many new players ask. Which Kendama USA Pro Model should I get? I’m going to break them down for you in one article so you can easily make your decision. There is not a bad pro mod out there, but there may be one that is the best option for you.

Jake Wiens – Moon Rock Grey

Jake Wiens Pro Mod
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The Jake Wiens Pro Mod features a moon rock grey tama, painted with the famous and very nice Kendama USA silk paint. It uses the traditional assembly Kaizen ken shape, and I believe it is made out of beech. The artwork and whole space theme and how it relates to kendama are brilliant in my opinion, and definitely put the Jake Wiens Pro Mod in my top picks out of the Kendama USA Pro Model lineup.

Dave Mateo – Dream Dama

Dave Mateo Pro Mod
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The Dave Mateo pro mod “dream dama” looks absolutely stunning. It has many unique features, making it really stand out. It it built with 3 different kinds of wood: a sassafras tama, birch spike, and padauk sarado. It has a great looking 70/30 purple and ruby paint. The purple is silk paint and ruby is gloss paint. A lot of poeple like the gloss around the tama hole because it develops into a great spot for birds and stalls with that kind of paint.

Alex Smith – Red Maze

Alex Smith Pro Mod
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The Alex Smith “Red Maze” pro model kendama is the only Kendama USA made red silk tama, and it has a small maple leaf on the top as a reference to his home country of Canada. The Kendama is all maple as well, and features an incredible maze design burned in the ken.

Zack Yourd – Brown Brew

Zack Yourd Pro Mod
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The Zack Yourd “brewdama” pro mod is one of my favorites. His lifestyle incorporates many kinds of brew, whether it be tea, coffee or beer. I can identify with this as well, and the artwork of tea leaves, coffee beans, and hops looks amazing. It also has quite the unique tama, with a semi-translucent silk paint over a sassafras wood.

Turner Thorne – Army Green

Turner Thorne Pro Mod
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Turner Thorne’s pro model is so nice, clean, and classic. It has an silk painted green tama in a reference to trees and the outdoors. It has mountains on the big cup rim and some custom artwork on the ken handle. Very classy, can’t go wrong with the Turner Thorne pro model.

Colin Sander – Tri Color

Colin Sander Pro Mod
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The tri-color Colin Sander Pro mod is the only tri color silk painted tama in the pro model lineup. The colors are so unique, and help a lot with hole tracking when doing difficult tricks. It is made from classic beech wood and features an awesome rock stack artwork on the ken.

TJ Kolesnik – Make Waves

TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod
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The TJ Kolesnik Pro Model is the newest pro mod to be added to the Kendama USA pro mod lineup. It is the very first Kendama USA Kendama to feature an all ash build. It has some artwork featuring who TJ Kolesnik is as a player. It is also the first Kendama from Kendama USA to have 4 stripes, AND it features a brand new super sticky paint. This great combination of new stuff makes the Kolesnik pro mod my favorite right now.

Wyatt Bray – Limited Edition KWC Commemorative Set

Wyatt Bray KWC Commemorative Set
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Technically, the Wyatt Bray Kendama is not a pro mod, but a limited edition set in celebration of his win of the Kendama World Cup in 2015. I have ordered a set, because it is a unique piece of history and has a lot of great features as well. The triple stripe design is Wyatt Bray’s favorite tama design. The stripes are forest green as a reference to the Turner Thorne pro mod tama he used to win. The kendama features really classy KWC themed artwork, and it is only the second kendama made with an all maple construction. Fantastic kendama. Check out my unboxing soon.

Which Kendama USA pro mod should I buy?

That is the big questions. My favorites are the Jake Wiens, Zack Yourd, and TJ Kolesnik models. I don’t count the Wyatt Bray model in that, since it is a bit unique. But that one I like probably the most, and grabbed one for the reasons I talked about.

In the end, it is really about personal preference. If you like the Kaizen style, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The silk paint on most is great, and I’m sure the new super sticky paint on the TJ Kolesnik model is incredible as well. Pick whichever one you like the most. That may be based on the pro that is associated with the kendama, who they are, what they stand for, and their play style. It may have to do with the features and just the look. No matter what, grab the one that inspires you and that you’ll enjoy playing!

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