Kendama USA TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod

by Ben on July 18, 2016

Kendama USA recently announced TJ Kolesnik as a new Kendama USA pro. They also released the TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod. This pro mod followed shortly after the announced Wyatt Bray Commemorative Limited Edition Mod. Like the Wyatt Bray model, TJ’s has incorporated into it a lot of “firsts” for Kendama USA. It also has some mainstays of the Kendama USA Pro Mod lineup. It reflects TJ Kolesnik as a player and is a unique and noteworthy Kendama.

TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod

Buy TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod here

All the Kendama USA pro mods are designed by the pro players themselves. They get to choose many aspects of the Kendama, making it unique and a reflection of who they are as a player. The TJ Kolesnik pro model has special artwork burned into the cups, handle, and cup rims. These things are special to TJ and reflect him as a player. Plus they look incredible. The big cup on his pro mod have waves on the rim and an anchor in the cup. These represent the ocean and TJ’s current home city of San Diego, California. The small cup has a snowflake to represent where TJ Kolesnik grew up in Lake Tahoe. There is a compass burned into the handle, representing all the travel and exploration that Kendama allowed TJ to do with Kendama USA. And then of course his signature is also burned into the handle as well. All the Kendama USA pro models use the traditional and well tested Kaizen shape.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.23.14 PM

There are a few things that set the TJ Kolesnik Pro Model apart from the rest of the Kendama USA pro mods. First, this is the first all Ash construction that Kendama USA has done for any kendama, not to mention a pro mod. Ash is a hardwood, and is excellent in kendamas. Some high end kendamas are made of ash, so that immediately sets TJ Kolesnik’s pro mod a tier above in my opinion. Second, this is not only the first pro mod with 4 stripes, but again, the first Kendama USA tama that has 4 stripes on it. These four strips transition from the natural wood color to darker blues. This is like looking out into the ocean. Not only is this great imagery, but it looks amazing. But the final and best part of TJ Kolesnik’s pro mod, in my opinion, is the brand new Kendama USA super sticky paint. I have heard in the past that the old Kendama USA super sticky paint had a short lifespan. I have no doubt that this new stuff is excellent. Smaller guys like Mr. Sourmash have kept their paint forumals a secret. It is only a matter of time until more kendama makers figure out how to rival this kind of excellent sticky paint. I am sure that this new sticky paint on the TJ Kolesnik pro mod is great.TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod

Buy TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod here

So, with all that said, should you buy the new TJ Kolesnik Pro mod? Looks amazing to me. Of the Kendama USA pro mod lineup, the TJ Kolesnik “Make Waves” mod is probably my new favorite. If I got a pro mod right now, that would be it. As it stands, I need to save up my pennies. 🙂 You can buy it from or from amazon. I like amazon for the Prime free 2 day shipping, but if you don’t have Prime, I would go straight to the Kendama USA store.TJ Kolesnik Pro Mod

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