Kendama Vlog update: Tricks 5 through 14 – 30 tricks in 30 days

by Ben on July 14, 2016

A New Kendama Trick Each Day

I’ve been trying very hard to keep up my daily schedule of doing a new kendama vlog each day, featuring a different trick each day. The goal is to do 30 tricks in 30 days, and so far I’m 14 tricks in, and I haven’t missed one yet! It has been a lot of fun, and I’m definitely learning a ton. One¬†neat thing is that I’m learning a lot when it comes down to kendama play, but also with filming myself, making a plan, and keeping to a schedule. Some of my vlogs have definitely been better than others. Or at least I’m more proud of some than others. But I expected that.

Hard Kendama Tricks

I’m just about at the halfway point, and I’m very quickly running out of tricks I can do well and/or somewhat easily. It is going to get pretty hard here in the next few days. Kendama tricks like lunar, bird, and juggle are tricks that I think will open up a lot of new possibilities, but they currently seem just out of reach. Bird I’ve hit a few times, but they seem like luck. Lunar and juggle seem a long way off still. Not sure I’ll be able to hit them before the month is out. I do have a goal to be able to land a lighthouse flip at least once though.

Kendama Collection

My kendama collection is growing faster than I imagined, so I feel like I really need to put the brakes on it before I get too out of hand. I mean, I’ve only just started and have too many kendamas to know what to do with. I have a couple more coming in the mail as well, but there are very specific reasons for ordering those. I will probably be doing some unboxing, or at least attempting it for some of them. The Wyatt Bray Commemorative Model will definitely get a video for itself, as it is a very unique kendama for Kendama USA and I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there that are interested in it.

Kendama Videos and Kendama Reviews

I’m not going to post the videos for tricks 5 through 14 on this post. Seems silly. But I will share a few of them that I like the most here, and then you can head on over to my YouTube Channel for the rest. I plan to make a post or page with my growing kendama collection and some reviews/thoughts on the various kendamas as I play them. It is incredible how many kendama companies are out there, a lot of them making some really quality¬†stuff. I’m still shredding my original green ozora, and don’t plan to put it down anytime soon. Even as I try out some others.

Until next time, shred some dama.


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