Kendama Vlog – Trick 4 of 30 – Orbit

by Ben on July 7, 2016

I shot this Vlog on the 4th of July. Earlier in the day I was at a “Kids Zone” in downtown Port Angeles for an event the city was putting on. I had some kendamas and juggling balls there. I had a great time hanging out and showing kids and their parents some kendama and juggling tricks! A lot of them joined in and had a great time too. The event was great, but it sure tired me out! I filmed this vlog a few hours later, hiking down this kinda hidden trail in a forested area not too far from the coast. It was my first time down there, really neat spot. I found this HUGE pipe that ran through the forested area, and it seemed like a good spot to film!

I’m going to continue to do a Kendama vlog once a day for the whole month of July. At this point I’ve only been playing Kendama for about 3 weeks, but I’m hoping that this vlog will show some improvement and I can give some of my thoughts along the way.

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