30 Tricks in 30 Days – Around Japan (3 of 30) – Kendama Vlog

by Ben on July 6, 2016

In this vlog I talk a little bit about my failed attempt at an unboxing video. I got some great stuff from Kendama USA that I wanted to show off. But in the end it was pretty terrible. You can see some of the Tributes and classics I got in the last vlog where we do some Kendama on the beach with the family. I also got two other Kendamas for myself that I will be unveiling in future vlogs. I want to stick with my Ozora for now and really get it broken in.

I’m still working on 30 tricks in 30 days. That means I will film a different Kendama trick each day for 30 days. These are starting out quite simple, but by mid-month I’m sure the tricks will be on the intermediate side. That also means I have a lot of practicing to do if I want to demonstrate Kendama tricks that I don’t currently know how to do. That of course, is the point though.

This vlog’s trick is Around Japan. Around Japan is a great beginner trick because it teaches tama control as you move the ball from small cup to big cup to spike. I find it extremely satisfying and I’m getting more and more consistent with it. Hopefully later this month I will explore some of the harder variations of this trick like Around the World, Around Europe, and others.

I’m still using my Ozora, trying to get it broken in. I feel like it is becoming a friend, and I like it more each day. You can pick one up too on amazon if you’d like, and if you do, using the affiliate link below, it will help me out a little bit too (but won’t cost you anything extra!)

Ozora Green on Amazon


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