Korg Monotron Duo Review

by Ben on November 30, 2013

monotron-duoThis is just going to be a brief look at the Monotron Duo. I have a little review post for each of the original Monotron and the Monotron Delay, so I thought now that I have all three, that I’d take a moment to mention the Duo as well.

The Duo shares the same box as the other two, but in a nice blue color and with a more traditionally colored keyboard strip instead of the inverted colors on the Delay and original. It has the same sweet MS-20 filter, fortunately with peak control (that is omitted in the Delay). The main difference here is that instead of delay controls or LFO, the Duo has two oscillators that can be cross modulated to make some really crazy sounds. The other difference is that you can constrain the keyboard to play chromatic, major, minor, and blues scales.

The Duo is definitely a sweet little box, and I’m super happy to have all three monotrons. In the end, the Duo definitely is the best to play on its own, with the through audio only being used for the filter, and is also the most playable with its scale choices. The Monotron Delay works best with something else to run through it, and the original Monotron can go either way with cool sound effects as well as being used with other gear for the great filter and LFO. Check ’em all out.

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