Korg Monotron Delay Review

by Ben on June 15, 2013

monotrondelayThe Monotron Delay was released alongside the Monotron Duo, sometime after the original Monotron had already become a huge success. The Monotron Delay (and Duo) have the same form factor as the original Monotron, but each with some key differences. The Delay in particular has some wonderful features, and makes the aux input used in order to run external sounds through the device even more exciting on the Delay than the original Monotron.

The Monotron Delay, like the other Monotrons, is built on completely analog circuitry, and has a filter cutoff with a set resonance, a switchable LFO (triangle and square waves), rate and depth controls for the LFO, and the feedback and time controls of its excellent delay circuit. It has the same crude ribbon controller as the other two Monotrons, but has a “wide” setting, meaning the small keyboard ranges from extremely low to extremely high, making any kind of tuning nearly impossible. The original Monotron in comparison as a more “narrow” setting and pitch knob, and the Duo has a tunable keyboard. This means that the Delay is the least “playable” by itself, with the ribbon controller being more useful for various FX sounds, crazy sweeps, and untuned drones.

The Monotron Delay’s best and most useful feature is to run other gear through its Aux input, affecting the source sound with the wonderfully characteristic delay. The tinny speaker on the device itself is fun for playing around, but you’ll want to hook up the Delay directly via the headphone jack to really hear the sounds it can produce. Now many have noticed that there is a lot of noise from the headphone jack, and while this may be true, I personally love the gritty lo-fi character this adds to the overall sound that can be produced.

I love this little beast. The delay makes it so fun that I like this guy even more than my original Monotron. It turns any plain old sound (like 80s Casio keyboards) into something exciting and fun. Oh and by the way they are dirt cheap too. If you have any interest in the Monotron line and want some great characterful delay sounds, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up one of these little Monotron Delays asap.

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